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John Buck

I decided to create this fun and easy online course simply because I have so many friends with digital cameras and no idea how to use them. Many of these friends were pretty good photographers but I discovered they really didn’t know much about digital camera exposure controls. Most still selected AUTO and fired away. But there is so much more digital photography can offer! Why buy an advanced digital camera for over $800 when all you do is “point & shoot”? This course called FOTO.101 will answer that question.

The bottom line: I want to share my many years of photographic experience because I love people and I love teaching.

With a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Design, Art & Architecture at the University of Cincinnati and a Masters degree in Design from the Ohio State University, I had a 30 year career in graphic design, printing and advertising.

But my first love is photography and I have been a Contract Photographer for the Eastman Kodak Company since 1995. In this capacity I have provided Kodak with lifestyle images from Asia, Europe, Central and South America. The perspective you gain is truly amazing when walking the cities and villages of so many different cultures. It was in these streets, forests, fields, mountains, shores, backyards, temples, tourist traps and remote places that I realized my affinity for people of all colors and backgrounds.

Kodak assignments have allowed me to find these wonderful people and places and capture them; originally on film, but ultimately on a digital sensor. It is so cool to see an image I took in France displayed in a small camera shop in Argentina. The real “Kodak Moment” occurs when you take a photo of someone and immediately show them the image. This simple act of connecting and sharing has never ever failed to bring a smile, a laugh, and even an embrace.

For a photographer, what can be better than that?

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