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Course Description

FOTO.101 is designed for photo enthusiasts of all ages. If you have a digital camera and a desire to learn more about how your camera works, then this is the course for you. I will teach you the two most important things to know in order to create more compelling and interesting images; composition and understanding how light affects all of your photography. Upon completion of this self-paced course, you will possess darn near everything you need to know to make great photos. I make it fun and easy with assignments that demonstrate each component of the lesson. And I provide you my own sample photo or photos of each assignment so there is no confusion.

Frankly, most digital photography lessons get bogged down in technical jargon and don’t know how to simplify the photo concepts. In FOTO.101, you will feel as if I am standing right there with you, guiding you along every step of the way, instructing in plain language.

Here is how FOTO.101 works:

After initial contact, I will send you a welcome letter and a form to fill out. On this form you will provide your email, phone and camera model information. You will send this to me via email along with 5 samples of your photography. With this information I will be able to become familiar with your camera and determine your photographic skill level. This information is critical because I teach each person differently depending on their equipment and capabilities. It’s much more work for me, but I am convinced this personal touch is what separates FOTO.101 from all the other online courses. Payment is required at this time.

I will then send you one lesson at a time as a PDF file. I suggest completing each assignment in a week but due to your personal schedules, inclement weather and unforeseen events, FOTO.101 is designed to be completed at your own pace. You and I can work this out together.

You will then send your assignments as .jpg files to my email. I will review them and send my comments to your email. If you prefer, I am available on Skype for more detailed conversation or simply call me on my cell. How easy is that??? There are no grades given in this course. FOTO.101 is for you to better your understanding of your own camera and to teach you lighting and composition so your photos can be more creative and compelling.

I will upload your images to your own personal gallery in this FOTO.101 website. You may see some of the galleries from previous classes here. I think it is helpful for students to see the work and receive support and compliments of other students.

Here is a brief description of each lesson:

Lesson 1: Getting to know your camera

The basics of digital photography

An explanation of file formats, ISO settings, and memory cards

3 assignments

Lesson 2: Using exposure & focus controls

Aperture and shutter priority

Depth of field

White balance

Exposure compensation


5 assignments

Lesson 3: Lenses & accessories

Information on color space, prime & zoom lenses

Instruction on making portraits

Types of filters and accessories

3 assignments

Lesson 4: Composition

The importance of simplicity in composition

The rule of thirds explanation

Factors of composition

4 assignments

Lesson 5: Light

Highlights, shadows and mid-tones

Overcoming direct light

Types of light sources

Warm, cool and hi-key light

Shooting indoors

Flash photography

4 assignments

Lesson 6: Testing your knowledge

A series of 25 questions about digital photography

3 assignments

After you complete the course and I have reviewed all of your work, I ask you to provide a critique of the course and also a testimonial if you enjoyed the course. This information is essential to creating and maintaining a viable, effective online course.

What is your photographic passion? Landscapes? Nature? Street photography? Portraits? Weddings? The beauty of FOTO.101 is that it teaches you how to get the most out of the features and benefits of your particular camera BEFORE you shoot whatever your heart desires.

I am the only instructor in FOTO.101. The course is fun, personal, engaging and creative. It's a simple concept to provide you with the best knowledge and tools to create the images you strive for in your photography. Please call me at 321-431-5929 for more information.