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I was impressed with the caliber of FOTO.101 and noticed great improvement in not only my skills but my confidence! It was a fantastic experience for me and I will eagerly use what I have learned in Europe next month. John covered camera theory which gave me a knowledge of my camera I did not have before I started. Although the first lesson on reading my manual cover to cover seemed daunting, it was really a very valuable exercise that I thoroughly enjoyed. Cameras are really amazing things and there are so many ways to be creative using the different settings. Although I did not normally shoot in auto mode, it’s great to have the understanding to know what I am doing and some level of confidence and speed when I think about shooting something.The lesson on lenses and filters gave me an understanding of what the various equipment does so I now know what I want to buy and why. I learn best through practical application and found the examples and explanations were easy to understand. I was self taught before I started the course and felt alot more prepared for anything afterwards. It is great to understand my camera, fstops and shutter speeds and the various facets of lighting and composition.John is an incredibly patient and talented individual. I recommend this course for any novice, or self taught enthusiast!Shelley Baker, Victoria, British Columbia

Foto.101 was a remarkable learning experience. The course challenges you to learn the foundations for good photography methods and lets you apply what you learn in the form of interesting photo assignments. I thoroughly enjoyed all the assignments and reviews of the assignments by master photographer Mr. John Buck. Richard Thompson, President, Camera Club of Brevard, Melbourne, Florida

FOTO.101 is the best course I have ever taken. It is not easy to follow a course online, thanks to John’s concern on his students and permanent feedback added to the excellence of his course. Here I could find a real effective course with evident and soon results. I strongly recommend it!Thanks John C. Buck for your devotion to teach and your wonderful lessons!Liliana Macri, Mar Del Plata, Argentina

“When I was asked to participate in the first “FOTO.101” photo instruction class, I was not sure how I would benefit, since I taught black and white photography years ago, and take some digital photos. Well, I was truly surprised at how much I learned from this knowledgeable and talented teacher/photographer/designer/artist. The course material was logical, starting from a point that I was comfortable, knowing some photography. For me all the lessons revealed a mountain of information that I was not aware of, and the material and John challenged me to learn new digital camera information and photo techniques I would have never learned on my own. The most valuable was John Buck’s sensitive and thorough reviews of the visual work. Oh, how I improved and now am on track finding more new images to capture and felling more satisfied by the images I now produce. This course was truly an exceptional opportunity and well worth time spent. I’d highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of your level of expertise – it is effective, fun and rewarding!”Jim Kaufman, Pueblo West, Colorado

FOTO.101 is a stimulating course demands that you get to know your camera and teaches you exactly what you can do with it by setting specific photo assignments followed by one on one discussions with John. With his vast photographic expertise and ability to discuss photography at a level that is understandable to you, John reviews individual assignments and suggest possible improvements to your photos, encouraging you to try different things. FOTO.101 is a fun course from which everyone can benefit, no matter what type of camera you own or your level of understanding of photography. Lynne Spink-Garman, Rochester, NY

"If you want to learn how to use those manual settings on your camera and some helpful hints on how to create dynamic compositions in your photographs, then this is the class for you. FOTO 101 covers the basics for beginners and is a great refresher for those who are a bit "rusty." John is very knowledgeable, patient, and his shared photography experiences are inspiring." Bridget Geiger

First things first -- EXCELLENT SEMINAR AND PRESENTATIONS, CHOCK FULL OF KEY INFORMATION FOR THOSE AMONG US WHO ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY! I know how difficult it is to put together lesson plans, having worked very briefly as a substitute teacher years ago. You started out with the rudimentary stuff to make it easier for us to progress through the various levels, and the challenges (taking the different photos under varying conditions) were...challenging. I found that the "field trips" enabled us to use the techniques that you taught, and which drove home how to use the techniques when we're taking photos on our own. The only problem I'll have is that now I feel that I should carry a camera with me wherever I go just so that I won't miss capturing an opportunity to be creative. My sole purpose in taking the course was so that I'll be able to follow the presentations at the camera club meetings, and when people start asking questions about f/stop, ISO and shutter speed, I'll understand why they're asking the question. AND I'll feel a little more confident when submitting a photo in a contest. Now, whenever I take a photograph, I find myself saying, "Yeah, I remember John saying ____." So, I'll be sharing any kudos I get with you. My next hill to climb is learning how to use Photoshop Elements 2018. As Brother Cephas, my high school biology teacher, used to say, "Onward, and ever upward." Gene Apicella

Johns’ outgoing, friendly manner make​s​ for a relaxed, and constructive atmosphere for learning. ​Assignments and field trips reinforce each of the lessons. ​His world wide career experiences bring rich glimpses of how important connecting with people is to the success of your photography. ​I have taken a lot of classes over the years in all sorts of subject matter in school and work but I found this ​one ​to be at the top in terms of being interesting, effective, practical, and enjoyable.​ ​I am very glad I had the opportunity to take this class​.​ Jim Strader 2018

I wanted to say Thank You for the wonderful class which I just completed with you. I came to your class hoping to learn about Lighting and I really gained so much more. The field trips were invaluable putting into practice what we learned in class. I now see photography in a whole new perspective and Thanks to you I am enjoying it more than I ever have before. Sincerely, Bob Champagne 2018

I recently completed a multi-week class with John Buck entitled FOTO.101, and I enjoyed it immensely. He is an accomplished photographer, educator, and world traveler. He has a great sense of humor, as well as a style that is direct, but supportive. He combined more traditional educational methods with mini- and more extensive field trips to teach and illustrate various photographic techniques and “ways of seeing.” It was also great to work with the other students in the group. I am not a complete newbie, but his class was useful for both beginner to my more moderate level of experience. Highly recommended. Craig Blum 2018

Thank you for a very enlightening and fun class. I truly learned a great deal from you. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in expanding their camera knowledge and exploring their creativity. I am definitely interested in the next level if you decide to offer another class, please keep me in mind. ---Melanie Mason